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We have added a new item to the site. It is called THE MASONIC INDEX and we hope you will use it to find that illusive article you have been searching for.
This INDEX is free for you to use, amend and make additions that other researchers may find useful.
We have tried to make these pages interesting, informative and useful to those interested in Freemasonry, Masonic Research and The Southchurch Masonic Study Circle in Particular.
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Alec Hall.

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W Bro Alasdair MacLeod & W Bro Ian Whitley attended the 200th meeting of Southchurch Hall Lodge 8005.
The main item was to Raise Bro David Crozier. Very ably carried out by W Bro Richard Goodwin, including the unique walking charge (it really was Walking!)
The Festive Board was attended by W Bro Nigel Catchpole PSGD, APGM & W Bro Ken Birnie PSGD, PAPGM.
The reason for the Invitation being mentioned here was that it was THAT Lodge that started the Southchurch Masonic Study Circle.
THe Founders had always sinsisted that the Lodge was to be a Lodge of Research as well as a 'normal' Lodge. It was so successful in doing this that the Study Circle was formed to continue the Lodge's work
And so it has


A new web site is being compiled from the current SMSC records
Click this link
New SMSC web site

Saxon Hall -Temple Times

This is now distrubuted by email, but if anyone wishes a copy, please let Alasdair MacLeod or Ian Whitley (see email below) know.


A tribute to Alec Hall

Alec passed to the Grand Lodge above on 3rd January 2011. Amongst his many talents he was the mastermind behind this web site's construction (amongst many others).
With his patient help and instruction, he helped me to maintain two web sites. With the additional help of Terry Maton, I will be endeavouring to maintain this site.
It will however, continue to be a fitting tribute to a wonderful man, who is sadly missed. Truly, he lived respected and died regretted.

Ian Whitley, Apprentice web master

New Articles

Brilliant article by our previous Secretary W. Bro. Pierre Waddoups concerning our Study Circle. Click here to read! A PDF article opens in a new window.

Bro. Allan de Luca has produced this splendid article on the Tracing Board or Decorative Altar - Found at Pompeii in 1874. An original article well worth reading.
Get the latest copy, November 2012, of the Saxon Hall Temple Times HERE.


Southchurch Masonic Study Circle has produced a database which we call "THE MASONIC INDEX". If you've ever wondered where you found a certain piece of information but just can't lay your hands on it, "THE MASONIC INDEX" is just what you have been looking for.

This database is an entirely original and unique device which can be used by any vistor to our site. You can look up information, edit what exists if you think you can improve it's accuracy or usefulness and make new entries that you think will be of use to other vistitors.

It will only work if you actually use it and make entries that will help you in future and help others. That's what Freemasonry is about isn't it?

New Article Reversing the Decline which includes details ofthe Mentoring Project and Orator Scheme.
Welcome to our revised web site. We have retained the old favourites and added new articles which we hope you will find interesting and informative.
We particularly bid a hearty welcome to our many overseas visitors.
We hope you find it both interesting and useful and that you will visit us often.

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Disclaimer and Credits
The Disclaimer and Credits are necessary and important. Please read.
As Past President and a Founder of the Southchurch Study Circle, I wish to recommend most heartily the Circle's web-site, not only to the members, but, to all those connected with and interested in Freemasonry.  The new webmaster, W Bro Ian Whitley has taken up the task from Alec Hall and like Alec is constantly active in ensuring the quality of information displayed and would welcome your support and participation.
Cliff Wyatt.

Southchurch Constitution
The Southchurch Masonic Study Circle Constitution places emphasis on Education which we promote and support.

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The Southchurch study circle continues to go from strength to strength as is amply shown by the launch of the revamped website. Brethren as you can see the members of the circle do not just sit there gathering cobwebs but are a vibrant and integral part of our Masonic community.
The Essex oath project is a vast undertaking and will be of enormous use to Masonic researchers around the world. Well done again The Southchurch Study Circle.
W. Bro Andrew Bishop PAGDC


Can't find that article? Look at THE MASONIC INDEX. It's free for you to use, amend or add to if there is some article reference you think others may be interested in.

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Recent articles submitted to us that you may find
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from Bernard Williamson entitled The Craft and Lifeboat
from Bryan Clark "The Strong Man Lodge", the Library
and Museum of Freemasonry and the latest offering "The Knights Hospitallier" by Bro. Peter Knatt.

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